Your First Visit

Chinese diagnostic are vast and complex. Your first visit will contain a short interview during which you will be asked about the function of the major systems of your body. Your answers help me to determine what the primary imbalances are. In addition I will take your pulse, look at your tongue, and feel your abdomen. These three methods help me to gain further information about the health of your vital organs and the balance between them. Based on this information I will form a diagnosis and choose acupuncture points and/or herbal medicines that will best return your body to a state of harmony.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine work over accumulation and time to achieve the maximum benefit and effect. Although you will feel somewhat improved after your first visit it will take some time to gain lasting balance. Because your body did not gain dis-ease over night, it cannot be treated simply with one visit. Generally for acute or immediate illnesses such as recent injury, colds or the flu, to quit smoking and sudden skin disorders the course of treatment is 5-7 treatments with a few monthly follow-up sessions. For more chronic disorders that you have had long term (for more then 6 months) the course of treatment are generally 10-20 sessions with monthly follow-up sessions.