My Practice

My primary philosophy in the treatment of patients is to assist and empower a person to heal his or her own body through the many varied techniques of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I utilize all the ancient theories of TCM and translate them into our modern lives.

Whether I am treating your physical pain, helping you quit smoking, helping you battle a long-term illness, or treating other issues, my focus is on teaching you to lead a healthier life and prevent future illnesses with Chinese medicine.

When undergoing treatment in Chinese medicine you will release pain, gain more energy, improve your facial appearance, and feel better emotionally and physically.

The primary focus in treatment is to uncover the underlying and root cause of imbalance in the body, which is creating disease. The body consists of many levels.

Your current condition and symptoms are the superficial level of imbalance; however, as you undergo treatment, your system unfolds to reveal the underlying, constitutional pattern–the deeper level.

It is through the process of treatment that you can access this deeper level, correct the root of imbalance, and find lasting health.

This concept is vastly different than western medicine. For instance, in the treatment of high cholesterol, instead of giving you a medication you will have to take long term, we will find the cause of your high cholesterol and correct it permanently. Of course this will require lifestyle changes made by the patient assisted through TCM.

Through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, we will help your body to process fats differently by strengthening the digestive process. Through teaching you the importance of healthy eating and exercise, we will help put you on a road to improved health and longevity. Through the increased energy or energy control you gain from acupuncture, you will have the strength and power to make these changes in your life.

TCM is not just about treating a patient, but about treating the whole person, your emotions, your relationships, your diet, your work are all factors in your health. We will examine these aspects together to find where the imbalance is and through time make changes that will provide you with lasting health.

My goal is to provide patients with comprehensive health care by treating the whole person and not just your symptoms. By taking the time to listen to you and getting to know your “health-style”, comprised of your habits of diet, sleep, work, and relationships, we can together make the necessary changes to give you lasting and improved health.

When you choose Chinese medicine, you are choosing a healthier life. It is a choice to preventing future illnesses. It is a choice for a better today and tomorrow.